donderdag 15 juli 2010

La cubanitaaa! !Tapas y mas¡

Tuesday I had a delicious meal with boyfriend D and friend H and her boy. It was the cutest cuban place with nice little tapas. Really enjoyed it! visit to find one near your place.

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Hippie parade

Together with friend L we celebrated our graduation and birthday. I wore my hippie MNG dress with nice turquoise jewelry. It was a very chill and nice evening with cute lights, candles, music, beerpong, hammocks... and a sweet revanche on our schoolbooks! (burn baby burn!)


Had a great day with friend H on the beach. First went to chicoleo's to have a delicious chicoleo wrap with beef and egg... Hmmmmm

woensdag 7 juli 2010

Diamonds are forever...

Yeah, I finally got my diploma. Afterwards we went home with my boyfriends family and off course my own. My parents suprised me with this beautiful diamond necklace!

donderdag 24 juni 2010

More than you can swallow

A little mini update... I'm busy making my own miu miu look a like leggings and this is the result so far. I will show them later on with outfit and everything...

Returning to my swallow painting practices... ;)


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH I made it!! Cum laude ! Now it's time for some detox... and of course some making up to you (shame on me).

vrijdag 21 mei 2010

EspaƱol y History

Yesterday I had my Spanish final, it went really well, but unfortunatly I had to little time and didn't finish properly. Though I made the first part so well I saved my grade. Today I'd history which I was kind of nervous for because there was so much information I had to remember en stuff in my little brain. But it went really well.

My friend also gave me my birthday presents: an 88 pallet and yellow and green nailpolish.. I LOVE IT and immediatly tried a summer sunset look.