woensdag 27 mei 2009

Hidden treasures

I'm thinking about cleaning up my closet, because today I wore a top I found at the back of my closet, so I'll have to find some time... maybe I'll find some treasures...

Wearing: Grey H&M skirt, H&M shoes, Blue lace top, black cardigan. I'm sorry for the bad quality I screwed something up with my camera. (thanks for the braids B!)

dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Rising mountain

Bought this Marcyville baller shirt yesterday because I screwed up my Pre-test.
The weather is really sucky so I had to take picture inside.... bummer!
Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm busy doing some business you'll hear about it later.

vrijdag 15 mei 2009


This afternoon I made a drawing beacause I was a long time ago I made one.
I'm sorry for the bad picture but my camera is broken and my sisters camera is empty.
I've also been surfing the internet and decided to start a search for a (fake)fur coat eventhough summer is coming I like 'em so much!

woensdag 13 mei 2009

No Rain in Spain

I promised to show some pictures from my trip to Spain.
So to keep my promis here they are.

(from left to right, from top to bottom): Me by the pool- Al hambra, a castle that was build by the moors- a 1001-night restaurant in Granada - Las cuevas de Nerja - Hotel Marinas de Nerja by night - Me, D an Matis on the rocks by the sea - Me - Matis in the swimmingpool - Flower from the Al Hambra garden - a Mexican restaurant in Nerja - My sister and me - Some herbs from the local market - An arabic sentence on the walls of the Al Hambra.

Sweet Apple Pie

Yesterday me, D and M made a delicious treacle-waffle/apple pie with nuts and cinnamon.
It was so delicious and lots of fun! The pie turned out great so I'll give you my recipe( in dutch).
Have fun! ( IT'S 45 MINUTES NOT 95)

maandag 11 mei 2009

Upper House

Today was Pre-university day and we went to The Hague and the Upper house (1e kamer).
It was quite okay, the weather is lovely again! I was going to the cinema but we skipped that plan and maybe I'm just going to watch a movie at my friends house, but I need to convince my parents first.

Wearing: Trenchcoat, Brown anckle boots, Dark blue jeans leggings, Purple ruffle shirt.

zondag 10 mei 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today some of my relatives came over to celebrate my birthday, 30 years of marriage from my parents and mothersday. It was very sunny so we sat outside played some cards and had some drinks in a month I'll throw a party for my friends it will be a mexican BBQ.

Wearing: White laced dress ( H&M ), Black cardigan (??), Sandals (Dolcis), Shell earrings (My Sister's) ** click to enlarge


So the 7th of May was my birthday in case you didn't notice. But I forgot to post a picture.

vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Little Black Friday

So today wasn't really the best day of my life. Had a little fight with my spanish teacher
and school was quite boring. But Yesterday was really cool! My boy got me the best present ever! (I get to go to 'De modefabriek' some sort of an exposition of fashion items Sunday I'm celebrating my birthday, I'll keep you posted.

Wearing: Black see through shirt (vero moda), Jeans (madrid), black flat sandals (??), Brown ring ( H&M)

woensdag 6 mei 2009

Back in town!

Jeej I'm back and 've had a really good time.
I'll post a post somewhere soon.
tomorrow is my birthday JEEEJ 17!.

xx C