woensdag 29 juli 2009

move it

I cleaned up my bathroom, since my sister is gone I almost have it to myself. I like it clean, tidy and colorcoded nailpolish.

can you keep up?

Today I went to the shops with H. we had a good time and I bought some really nice cheap things: a bolero, nailpolish, a new pair of jeggins, and I spent my bodyshop giftcard on a cherry blossom body lotion ... so sweet.

maandag 27 juli 2009

There's something about hermoine

I'm starting to get more and more fascinated about Emma Watson. When I was younger a classmate said I looked a bit like her, and boyfriend says it all the time. Although I cannot see this, I do like her and I wish I was that succesfull.

Emma Watson used to be better known as Hermione Grangerl but she's turning into a real fashion icon. After she kicked Keira from her Chanel-throne for 3,8 million euros, Burberry showed his interest and offered her a chance to become the new face of their autum/winter collection.

And they're damn right, there's something about this girl. When she was young they already discovered her talents. poems, debating, hockey, arts. This girl has it all.

Hey there

I returned from my holiday to Austria. I'll tell you all about it later, here a picture from me that was taken a long time ago by natasa I hope she wants to some pictures again somewhere soon, but I still have to ask her.

maandag 13 juli 2009

You're my bad habit

I admit, I'm an addict. Yes I'm addicted to the sims 3 and I feel like a little girl again
spending whole days with playing this game, but you know what; I don't care!
* btw these are not my own pictures

Jason mraz & Joss Stone live at westerpark

on the 2nd of July M. and I went to Jason Mraz en Joss Stone live at the Westerpark, with Priscilla Ahn as the pre-act. She's so cute.It was so awesome they are so good live! on top of that the weather was very nice. And we had a very good time.

PRISCILLA AHN> I don't think so> dream

JASON & JOSS > Details in the fabric Joss stone & Jason Mraz

JASON MRAZ > anything you want > cover 'every little thing is gonna be allright'> cover 'all night long'> make it mine

JOSS STONE > Girl they won't believe it> Fell in love with a boy> right to be wrong> put your hand on me

woensdag 8 juli 2009


Yes I know it's been a long time since I wrote a post... still the same excuse : I was busy.
and i'm going out for dinner with some classmates so I'm also keeping it short.
Today I went to the market with my mom. I love markets.. all the cheap food and delicious food.
I also bought a pair of shoes, they're really high but summery and I like 'em.