woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Ready for take-off

Im out till sunday. I'm visting
Helsinki with my sisters.

Look forward fall trends (

Click on the image to enlarge. By
I really like the new fall trends. My favorites? Long sleeve dresses, thigh high boots, platform shoes and sculpted shoulders! I also like the lingerie display because I'm addicted to nice lingerie but I don't think my mom nor boyfriend will agree.

Dame más gasolina

What I would be wearing today. If I didn't have to work and had a lot of money!

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Shake your body

Today I grabbed lunch with some friends. It was lots of fun except for the fact my friend D is not in my class next year. But we will fix it!!

Wearing: jeggings/ VM, white tee/ HM, scarf/ my moms, belt/ HM

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Me myself and I, we're all in love with you

A couple of days ago My parents, my sister and I went to the 'zuiderzeemuseum'. I got two tickets from my boyfriend because the modefabriek thing failed and there was a AMFI expo in this museum. What I didn't know was that we also had acces to the rest of the museum. It was actually really cool because you could see how people lived in the 17th century. It was such a cool present!!! SORRY FOR THE HUGE AMOUNT OF PICTURES.

First we went into a little ferry wich took us to the museum island. When we entered the harbour there were hundred black dolls in AMFI clothing, they should remind you of the old fishermans wives who were waiting for their men.

this room was really funny because they took the typical dutch 'delfsblauw' and made a modern graffiti.

On the island you cold see several things from the past, old pharmacies an old candy store, an old school. It was really cool! Inside there was a fashion expo. They were inspired by the old volkore of the dutch (for example in Volendam) and inside they had white versions of the black dolls outside.
old jewelry for your head, dutch women wore this for special occasions.
and the modern versions.

modern drawings inspired by the dutch women from the 17th century.

ruffles like in they old day, but this time used by givenchy

a graffiti which represents the 'water' we've got to deal with.

zondag 23 augustus 2009

going faster than a rollercoaster

today the father of my boyfriend turned 50 and he threw a big party. I wore this H&M marimekko dress. I'm sorry but I screwed up again and didn't notice untill now.

Hold in your breath

this is one of my favorite blogs. I came across her blog in ellegirl once. And the girl suze is really talented! She did this shoot for an elle competition with her gorgeous friend as the model. she didn't win but she's in anyway.

check out the rest

check out her blog

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Isn't it great!

After the last pic of brigitte bardot, I felt like showing 2 more 'vintage photo's '

What about that old fashioned beauty?

pff I hate this tired grumpy day!

woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Rain on my parade

It's raining so freaking hard!! But in some sort of way I like rain, exept for the fact I've got to go outside now :( BUT, it 'll be quiet at work so maybe I can see my boyfriend tonight.

zondag 9 augustus 2009

I've got a feeling

Thursday night there was a party at L's. I was very late because of my hockey training but it was soooo much fun to catch up with everybody. At the end of te night some of us decided to sleep over, well sleep..., I slept like shit.. but the breakfast was the best!